Our top priority is providing patients with the highest standard of eye care. We are pleased to share real, life-changing stories and testimonials from satisfied patients throughout the years.

“The entire experience was positive – from the pre-operative exam, the day of procedure, and the post-operative follow up. By the next day, I was restored to perfect vision and felt great. I put my confidence in the best and I am glad I did. Thank you Dr. Newsom.”
Jennifer LASIK Patient
"I truly am so very pleased with the Acrysof ReStor lenses placed in my eyes. This is my first day after the surgery on the left eye and I am typing this letter now, reading without glasses, and seeing colors so clearly that words cannot explain. I can honestly say I have found an old song that truly depicts how I feel, “I Can See Clearly Now!"
Claire Cataract Patient
"Ever since this procedure, I wake up with a smile on my face over something simple, like being able to read an alarm clock. It has been nothing short of an amazing experience here at Newsom Eye, from my procedure to the people. I am extremely thankful for the care of the staff and my Newsom Eyes!”"
Christopher LASIK Patient
"We tell everyone in our travels about this wonderful clinic. If you have cataracts and cannot see this marvelous world clearly anymore, please go see Dr. Newsom and his amazing staff. Then you can see the world as I do with Newsom Eyes! Thank you, Dr. Newsom."
Phyllis Cataract Patient
"After becoming the LASIK coordinator at Newsom Eye, I felt so confident with the procedure I decided to book my own LASIK with Dr. Newsom. BEST DECISION EVER!! I still can’t believe the clarity I have now, something I never had with my contacts. I’m thankful for my Newsom Eyes!"
Devon LASIK Patient
"This technology is cutting edge and I’m grateful to be a little part of it…It’s pretty phenomenal. No glasses for me…I can see, I can drive, I can watch television, I can read and I can see the players on the field. It’s pretty amazing."
Coach Tony Dungy
Coach Tony Dungy Light Adjustable Lens
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