Newsom Eye First In Florida To Implant Innovative Multifocal Progressive Lens

SBL-3 ClearView lens from St. Petersburg Lenstec provides significant visual improvements for distance, intermediate, and near TAMPA, Fla. (August 16, 2022) For those suffering from cataracts, a new innovative technology offered by Tampa Bay’s leading eye doctor, can significantly improve their sight. Today, Dr. T. Hunter Newsom and the Newsom Eye team implanted the first

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T. Hunter Newsom, MD published on Quality of Vision and Visual Outcomes

Read all about how Dr. Newsom evaluates the quality of Vision and Visual Outcomes for patients with Bilateral Implantation of a Non-Diffractive Extended Vision Intraocular Lens with a Target of Slight Myopia in the Non-Dominant Eye in a published article in the National Medicine Library. Read more here:

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Clearing The Way For Near-Perfect Vision

How Much Better Can Cataract Surgery Get? Developing technology helps surgeons meet the growing demand for near-perfect vision. Cataract surgery used to be a straightforward procedure. In a matter of minutes, surgeons eliminated a patient’s blurred or clouded vision by replacing the eye’s natural lens with a standard IOL. Most patients were thrilled just to

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Reclaim Your Youth With The Vivity Lens

T. Hunter Newsom, MD, puts his full support in the Vivity lens. This lens looks and acts like an aspheric monofocal lens, giving patients excellent quality, distance vision, and functional near-vision with a significant decrease in the need for near correction.

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