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Newsom Eye supports primary eye care experts by providing the tools needed to create a quality experience. We offer this portal to help doctors educate their patients and grow their practice through complimentary materials and resources.

Newsom Eye

Newsom Eye is committed to the highest standards of total vision care. Our goal is to help optometrists offer the best experience, whether that means providing practices with patient education materials or connecting you with qualified optometrists in your area. Explore further to find out how our services can benefit your business.



Dr. Kerr

Dr. Kerr

LAL Patient
Dr. Kerr is living life with his NEWSOM EYES. The RxSight™ Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) offered the solution to give Dr. Kerr the precise distance and near vision he needs for his occupation, hobbies, and overall lifestyle without relying on glasses.


PRK Patient
"I see you, I see you, I see you. I love my NEWSOM EYES!"
Coach Tony Dungy

Coach Tony Dungy

Light Adjustable Lens
It’s pretty amazing.
"This technology is cutting edge and I’m grateful to be a little part of it…It’s pretty phenomenal. No glasses for me…I can see, I can drive, I can watch television, I can read and I can see the players on the field. It’s pretty amazing."


Cataract Patient
Jennifer loves her new vision that matches her lifestyle, hobbies, and is so excited to say, “I can see forever!” with her NEWSOM EYES.


Our Newsom Eye team is here to offer support and resources for your patients and colleagues.

OD Marketplace

Beyond enhancing the patient experience, Newsom Eye also strives to support professional development. The OD Marketplace was created to help industry professionals list job opportunities, hire qualified optometrists, buy and sell used equipment, and explore upcoming mission trips.

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