“I see you, I see you, I see you. I love my NEWSOM EYES!
Thank you to the Newsom Eye team, see you soon for my check up!”

Not only did we have the pleasure of treating Titus, but we also had the opportunity to speak with him about his treatment and how his vision has been since he received our care. Keep reading to learn more about his impactful experience at Newsom Eye.

  1. What challenges did he experience with his vision?

Titus struggled with astigmatism and had been seeking corrective action for over a decade. While a previous eye care clinic told him he was not a candidate for surgery and he would have to wear contacts or glasses for the rest of his life, T. Hunter Newsom, MD knew he could do better. Dr. Newsom is the founder and Medical Director, as well as Cataract and LASIK Surgeon at Newsom Eye. After encouraging Titus to come in for a consultation, he said it was, “one of the happiest moments” when he found out that even though he was not a candidate for LASIK, he was a candidate for PRK – Photorefractive Keratectomy.

  1. What would he tell people about his Newsom Eye experience?

From start to finish, Titus reported that the Newsom Eye team was professional, made him feel comfortable and at ease, and was transparent throughout the whole process. Our team made the procedure simple to understand and he felt that we coached him through the whole process and addressed any concerns.

  1. How has his vision improved his life and hobbies?

Waking up without needing to put on glasses or wear contacts to see clearly has been “so refreshing.” His new level of clarity has helped him with even the simplest tasks, like walking his dog first thing in the morning without having to put in contacts. He feels his overall quality of life is better — he can even drive easier! He said, “I can truly say I wish I did this five years ago!”